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Re: buildd administration

* Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> [2005:12:09 12:47 -0600]: 
>         Err, so if a NM candidate speaks as openly as some DD's do,
>  they get threatened with  having their applications cancelled because
>  of them speaking their minds? What is this, a munich beer hall in
>  1933?

Isn't the point of NM to "weed out" people before they become
problematic DDs? My impression was that this applied to overall
personality / how well you play with others, as well as technical
ability. Surely flaming people on mailing lists as a way to get things
done is not something people want to encourage in NMs... right? Wouldn't
Debian want to find people who can think of new and inventive ways to
achieve goals rather than resorting to these measures? Especially since
they *don't work*.

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