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Re: postinst scripts failing because a new conffile wasn'taccepted: Is it a bug?

> My proposal to avoid such problem is to implement multilevel
> configuration, where the package default configuration and the local
> overrides are stored in separate files, making sure local
> configuration do not affect changes to the package default, and thus
> no question is asked during upgrade.

I have a tool that:
- is able to read the local configuration file
- fill any blank with default values provided by the packages
- re-write local file with user's values and enw default values.

The only hitch is that reading and writing file may be tricky since
the syntax of configuration files varies widly from one package to

Would this kind of tool interest you ? 


Dominique Dumont 
"Delivering successful solutions requires giving people what they
need, not what they want." Kurt Bittner

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