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New postgrey Debian package uploaded - please test


(postgrey mailing list: this is totally irrelevant if you're not using 

I've just uploaded a new version of the postgrey Debian package - 1.23-2 
(really *just* uploaded it.  You can get it from 
<http://fortytwo.ch/debian/postgrey> until it appears in unstable.)

postgrey 1.23 has already been uploaded (Debian package version 1.23-1), but 
I've now changed quite a few things in the packaging, so I'd be happy if 
some people would test this package:

   * remove migration of upstream default installation to Debian package
     installation: postgrey has now been in Debian for some time.  This
     gets rid of all debconf stuff.
   * use dpkg-statoverride instead of directly calling chmod/chown
   * create group postgrey instead of using nogroup (closes: #277551)

thanks & greetings
-- vbi

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		-- Fran Lebowitz, "Social Studies"

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