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Re: Announcement: Common Power-Management Framework

On Fri, 02 Dec 2005, Matthew Garrett wrote:
> To a large extent, this sort of work is currently being done in HAL. Is
> there any need to create another level of abstraction, or should we just
> work on that? It also sounds (though I'm not certain) like you're

Can I tell HAL to just handle power management instead of touching anything
else, and get it to do the right thing in a headless, GUIless server
environment?  Can I do that with standard, system-wide configuration files?

My guess is that yes, that's how HAL is designed to work, but it never hurts
too much to be sure...

> concentrating on system-wide power management transitions, whereas I'd
> argue that it needs to be possible for configuration to be done on a
> per-user basis (you wouldn't believe the degree of argument over whether

As long as system-wide is possible, AND user-wide *without* GUI is also
possible... you're correct, of course.

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