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Re: Announcement: Common Power-Management Framework

Kevin Locke <kwl7@cornell.edu> wrote:

> Fundamentally, our goal is to create an architecture-independent,
> power-system-independent, and power-daemon-independent system to handle
> power-related events (e.g. lid close, battery events).  This will likely
> happen by hooks from the power daemons (scripts in their event handlers)
> that will invoke a common event handler.  This common handler will run
> its system-independent scripts (possibly in the style of a runlevel)
> based on its configuration, then return control to the daemon to
> complete its handling.

To a large extent, this sort of work is currently being done in HAL. Is
there any need to create another level of abstraction, or should we just
work on that? It also sounds (though I'm not certain) like you're
concentrating on system-wide power management transitions, whereas I'd
argue that it needs to be possible for configuration to be done on a
per-user basis (you wouldn't believe the degree of argument over whether
closing the lid of a laptop should trigger a suspend or not)

Matthew Garrett | mjg59-chiark.mail.debian.devel@srcf.ucam.org

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