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Re: Alternate proposal for Declassification of debian-private archives


Jérôme Marant wrote:

What is this supposed to mean? If no comments have been made by the
author for eight weeks, messages will be automatically declassified?
It looks like a kind of opt out to me.

True. It may be an idea to have another proposed amendment reversing the logic, and see how the people decide.

[two paragraphs about redacting articles]

Why is this necessary in addition to the following paragraph? Maybe I
did not understand correctly.

I think it's meant to show that there is the option of removing personal information but leaving the remainder of the post unchanged. If no such paragraph were present, people would simply say no and not think about the option. It's not a formal necessity, but since this GR is not going to become part of the constitution but rather a guideline on how to act, it is a good thing to spell everything out.

   - the list of posts to be declassified will be made available to
     developers two weeks before publication, so that the decisions

Two weeks is too short to review, IMO.

I didn't read that as a hard time limit between announcement and publication, but rather as the minimum wait time.


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