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Re: package name changes in atlas-cpp (was Re: library renaming due to changed libstdc++ configuration)

On Wed, Nov 30, 2005 at 10:21:34PM +0100, Michael Koch wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 30, 2005 at 09:10:58PM +0100, Stephan Hermann wrote:

> > Don't worry :) If new 0.6.0 upstream source will change the soname and the 
> > package is named to libatlas-cpp-0.7 then you can just conflicts/replaces to 
> > libatlas-cpp-0.6, libatlas-cpp-0.6c2, libatlas-cpp-0.6c2a, so ubuntu can sync 
> > it directly without any problems. we are then in sync again and avoid any 
> > serious troubles during updates.

> It will be named libatlas-cpp-0.6-1. Just its interface version is
> changed.

> > Actually what you can also do is to follow Matthias Kloses post from 
> > 2005-11-14 about the libstdc++ new allocator transition. You actually need to 
> > rename libatlas-cpp-0.6c2 to c2a so we are in sync as well..
> > If you want I can send you an accurate debdiff.

> > Any objections?

> I dont mind what the solution of this problem is finally choosen. My
> Problem is that I made the same fault with wfmath and cal3d.

> I would like a vote from a RM about this. Steve ?

Well, if the soname will be changing again soon anyway then there's no
reason to reupload just to add the "a" to the package name.  If the lib
soname is going to be around for a while, though, for my part I think it's
worthwhile to get the package name consistent across distros where possible;
and in that case, the "c2a" name should be preferred since that's the name
specified in the published transition plan.

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