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Re: Bug#340428: octave2.9 - lists mailing list as uploader in changelog

Stephen Gran wrote:
> And we are in danger of allowing policy to drive practice, rather than
> vice versa.  
> The problem is, there are many packages currently being group
> maintained.  These groups generally have some sort of group contact
> email address:
> grep-dctrl -n -s Maintainer '' /var/lib/apt/lists/*Sources | grep list | wc -l
> 843
> I see exactly one false positive in that rather simple minded test, so
> the number of packages maintined in this way is rather high.

Btw, about this simple-minded test:
299 of those are maintained by the Debian Install System Team, and
nobody there felt compelled to put debian-boot@l.d.o in the changelog
for whatever reason.


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