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Re: Bug#340428: octave2.9 - lists mailing list as uploader in changelog

This one time, at band camp, Rafael Laboissiere said:
> I am moving this discussion to debian-devel, since I am not sure we
> are really violating the Policy.  Feel free to move it further to
> debian-policy, if you think it is appropriate.

FWIW, Rafael, at first blush I have to say I agree with you.  A
maintainer address in Debian is just a way to get in touch with someone
when something goes wrong with the package.  If the mailing list is a
good way to get in touch with people when those packages break, then it
seems like a reasonable maintainer address.

Bastian, what's the rationale for the filings you've been doing?  Do you
really think a mailing list address, (where any and all correspondence
about the packages is presumably archived and possibly even publicly
accessible), is somehow worse than mailing a single person (who
hopefully archives their package mail, but maybe not, and can almost be
guaranteed not to have publicly browseable archives)?  What are you
hoping to do here?
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