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Re: Bangladesh Key-Signing completed - Debian Maintiner base can now be extended there.

Matthew Grant wrote:

Hi teRHe!

One of my dreams for the last 4 years has been to help the Bangladesh IT
industry expand and be enhanced by IT workers having the opportunity to
join us, and also to enhance Bangla language support in Linux.

Thanks for your interest and great effort!

I GPG signed and identified 4 people by their passports and other
official ID, on the chance that they may want to become maintainers.

Two have decided to go ahead, and I mention them here.  It would be good
if some Mentors got in touch with them.

They are:

Salahuddin Pasha <salahuddin.debian@gmail.com>
Jamil Ahmed <itsjamal@gmail.com>

I believe that Salahuddin is an active participant in the Bangla
localisation effort for OpenOffice.org (or is it Jamil - please correct

It is me. :)

I believe they are both already quite active on some Debian
mailing lists.

Thank you for helping them.  I am looking forward to the Debian
Community embracing them and encouragin them with open arms.  It is good
to see another corner of the map soon to have a red dot on it!

Some introduction of me:

I am Jamil Ahmed from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Professionally I am working in a local software development company. In my spare time I do maintain some activities for Open Source, mainly localization. Currently I am maintaining/working Bengali/Bangla L10n for Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSUSE, Gnome, Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice.org .

I will try my best to work for Debian. I hope I will get necessary assistance from you when required. :)


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