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Re: Uploading amd64 packages

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> "=?iso-8859-15?Q?J=E9r=F4me_Marant?=" <jmarant@free.fr> writes:
>>I meantioned one solution. There is another possible one: source uploads.
>>And no, I don't think it would cause more breakages than nowdays because
>>uploading sources only doesn't meant packages have not been build on
>>our systems.
>>Jérôme Marant
> There are some implementation details that someone would have to fix
> first:
> 1. DAK refuses source uploads
> 2. sources without debs get removed so a source only upload would
> remove itself potentialy before buildds supply debs
> 3. source uploads would not build architecture all package. None of
> the buildds will and then they are missing.
> 4. architecture all uploads are not possible so one would have to
> upload for e.g. i386 with just arch:all debs. But then the DAK would
> see that the source stoped building certain binaries (all arch: i386
> debs) wrongfully and create problems.
> So while theoretically source only uploads would be great practically
> there are problems. I sure hope patches would be welcome though.

Why not accept the AMD64 binaries, then dump the AMD64 binaries because
you don't know what to do with them, but accept the arch:all debs from
that upload?

--Ken Bloom

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