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Re: Uploading amd64 packages

"Joe Smith" <unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com> writes:

>>Not good. What is missing to get this fixed?
> Well There are two mirror changes. I suspect that scc will need to become 
> operational,
> before amd64 is added to ftp-master. The scc change is a big change and 
> certainly has te potential to break things,
> including offical mirrors. So this change will likely be delayed as long as 
> possible.

I hope you're wrong.

> Until amd64 is made an official architecture it would be nonsensical to 
> allow dinstall (or is it katie?) to accept packages for amd64.

What is nonsensical is that one of the most popular architectures is
still not official.
But the point is moot anyway.

>>> > If not, is there any upload queue dedicated at them?
>>> Nope.
>>> Well. Yes (again). But only about 5 people are allowed to upload there,
>>> plus one script that syncs the source from Debian. So you dont need to
>>> upload there.
>>So, I guess I have no choice but building packages in a i386 chroot, right?
> I would assume that it was fairly ovbious that the binary upload would need 
> to be
> for an offical arcitecture, which amd64 is not (yet). In fact, it is 
> probably not reccomended
> to be developing under a system that is not offically a debian system.

But if noone develop for that system, there is not point making it
official, isn't there?

I meantioned one solution. There is another possible one: source uploads.
And no, I don't think it would cause more breakages than nowdays because
uploading sources only doesn't meant packages have not been build on
our systems.

Jérôme Marant

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