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too long to build kernel


I hope I post this to the right list.

Last night I tried to build the latest version of Linux kernel 2.6.14-2,
on my Debian 3.1. It took me around one hour to build.  I did the
build on a system with a Pentium M at 2GHz. I tried also on another
machine (3GHz) and it was a few minutes quicker.

However, my last build on 2.6.x versions was one year ago
was significantly faster. I was using SuSe 9.2 at that time.

My question is: Is this build time acceptable for the new kernels?
Is something wrong with the tool chain? Distribution?

The delay was not due to lots of new modules, it was clear that the
incremental list of compiled components on the screen was moving
up slow. I remember kernel builds where ultra fast, couldn't watch on
screen what it was compiled.


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