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Re: master's mail backlog and upgrade time


Andreas Metzler wrote:

The real problem with these bounces is not that they fill up the
forwarding host's queue but that they are usually unwanted. Think Joe

This thread is about email that is obviously not legitimate just looking at the envelope.

In this day and age, everyone does ingress/egress filtering on their networks to enforce just that minimum bit of plausibility, and I feel email systems should do the same.

In the last one and a half days a system I administer has rejected 451 emails because of obviously nonexistent envelope addresses, that doesn't count those systems where we don't accept mail from *at all* because they are dialup systems. This, however, is a small system with 10 email addresses total.

If legitimate email is rejected because the envelope is obviously broken, I believe it is rightfully so, and the sender of that email is supposed to do something about it. The correct behaviour to notify the sender in this case is to reject the mail at the SMTP level, because this is going to be the last time you have a connection to someone who is responsible in some way or other (either by sending broken emails or by running an email server accepting broken emails).

Forwarding email unconditionally makes my debian.org address receive by far the largest amount of spam of all addresses I have.

Please, think about the kittens.


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