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New features on buildd.net


After buildd.net is fully working again, I thought it might be worthwhile to
let you know and write a small mail about its new features:

 * buildd.net now supports unstable, non-free, sarge-volatile, experimental
   and etch-secure targets

 * after the inclusion of armeb, hurd-i386, kfreebsd-i386 and m32r,
   buildd.net lists 16 archs now

 * improved search page: direct links from bug numbers to the BTS, a general
   link to the BTS page of the page, link to the PTS, links to the build
   logs and you can re-use the search page for more searches

 * estimation of building times: if the buildd is participating in status
   updates, you can see the package and the already building time the buildd
   is currently building

 * you can click on that package name and get some statistics about that
   package such as how long it needed to built on various archs depending on
   the version of the package

 * you can click on the buildd name and get some more statistics, too.

 * to support the EtchRecertification process, you can find the archvote
   page at http://www.buildd.net/cgi/archvote.phtml 

 * you can have all building pages on all archs in one view at

 * new version of update-buildd.net script: when you're running a buildd,
   you might be interested in the new version. It features many new things.
   Have a look at the source at http://www.buildd.net/files/update-buildd.net
   (note: an even never version with better security support is currently 
   been tested)

 * feature requests, criticism and flames can now be directed to me via a
   feedback form at http://www.buildd.net/cgi/feedback.phtml

There are some more changes in the background that are not visible to the
user, but making the addition of new buildds, new archs or new targets very
easy and just a matter of minutes. So, when you want something added don't
hesitate to contact me (e.g. via the feedback form ;). 


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