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Getting rid of circular dependencies, stage 2

Dear Debian developers,

There are some developpement with the circular dependencies problems:

The GNOME team has reduced the number of circular dependencies in the
GNOME suite. Thanks!

Robert Lemmen has made a script that show the circular dependencies
in the 3 distribution and publishes the resut here:

Looking at the graph, there are a lot of dependencies that are not

Some example:
foo <--> foo-data: The foo-data --> foo deps is generally wrong.
foo1 --> foo-data, foo2 --> foo-data, foo-data --> foo1|foo2: 
The foo-data --> foo1|foo2 is generally wrong.

For example, suppose foo3 is released and depend on foo-data: this force
foo3 users to install foo1 or foo2!

Probably I should do a massive bug report ?

Some of the most beautiful dependencies graph:
   * libxtst6 libxtrap6 libxrender1 libxrandr2 libxpm4 libxp6 libxt6
   libxmu6 libxi6 libsm6 xlibs

   * libgnorba27 libgnomeui32 libgnomesupport0 gnome-bin gnome-libs-data

   * xemacs21-gnome-nomule xemacs21-gnome-mule-canna-wnn
   xemacs21-gnome-mule xemacs21-nomule xemacs21-mule-canna-wnn

   * kaffe-jthreads antlr libgnucrypto-java libjessie-java
   java-gcj-compat gjdoc kaffe-pthreads kaffe
   * eclipse-pde-common eclipse-pde eclipse-sdk eclipse-rcp
   eclipse-platform-common eclipse-platform eclipse-jdt-common

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Imagine a large red swirl here. 

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