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Re: State of gcc 2.95 use in Debian unstable

Dave Carrigan writes:
> I am quite sure that there are Debian *users* out there that have legacy
> code that only builds under gcc 2.95 (or more likely g++ 2.95) and they
> haven't ported it to a newer C compiler because there is no business
> case for it. 
> Removing a package simply because the Debian developers don't need it
> any more is the kind of arrogance that drives users away from Debian to
> other distributions.

You are still ok, aren't you?  It's rather that kind of arrogance of a
minority of users/lobbyists/some persons, who try to enforce support
of old software for obscure reasons.  You are free to maintain it
outside the debian archives, if your time does permit it. Just yelling
that somebody (i.e. Debian) should do it is so easy ...

There's hardly any current distribution which still ships 2.95, so I'm
unsure where you will go to.


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