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Re: State of gcc 2.95 use in Debian unstable

* Dave Carrigan <dave@rudedog.org> [2005:11:16 07:33 -0800]: 
> I am quite sure that there are Debian *users* out there that have legacy
> code that only builds under gcc 2.95 (or more likely g++ 2.95) and they
> haven't ported it to a newer C compiler because there is no business
> case for it. 

I fit this use case -- I work with embedded devices and as a result,
sometimes older versions of software are necessary. However, it's
usually not just gcc alone, it's glibc et al as well.  The solution
isn't to keep gcc 2.95 around indefinitely; it's for people to use
debootstrap and chroots.

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