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Re: master's mail backlog and upgrade time

Marco d'Itri writes ("Re: master's mail backlog and upgrade time"):
> [I don't want a debian.org address either].  In the past the
> debian-admins suggested that they would consider allowing to disable
> them if somebody else implemented everything needed to do it.

Do we know what would be needed ?

The biggest thing, it seems to me, would be to ensure that nothing on
the debian.org systems ever generated mails to <username>@debian.org.
This is easily done for cron with MAILTO=..., and hardly anyone uses
`at' any more.  But there might be other scripts which would call
sendmail directly or indirectly and something appropriate would have
to be put in the envelope sender of these mails.

In the past, one reason for keeping the address was that that was the
only way for the Debian admins to contact everyone with an account.
But nowadays we can use the developer DB for that, I think ?


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