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Re: Azureus magnet-link functionality

In the following email Chris suggests that I add support for bit
torrent magnet:// URLs under Gnome2 in the Azureus package by setting
the gconftool-2 parameter /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/magnet/command
to call Azureus. This seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do, but
it must be done for each user that runs Azureus. Since Azureus is a
Java program, /usr/bin/azureus is already a shell script. Should I add
a couple lines here that call gconftool-2? Any other suggestions on
how to accomplish this same task?


2005/11/14, Chris Everts <chris.everts@myrealbox.com>:
> Hi Shaun,
> I have found a simple script in the ed2k-gui package
> (http://surfnet.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/ed2k-gtk-gui/ed2k-gtk-gui_0.6.4_i386.deb) that enabled the ed2k link functionality in Gnome. I then realised the same should also work for magnet-links. And indeed it does.
> I thought maybe you can include it as an extra in the azureus package so
> people can choose to enable this functionality.
> My itch is scratched.
> regards,
> Chris Everts <chris.everts@myrealbox.com>

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