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RFC: allow usage of mknod in postinst

#include <hallo.h>
* Marco d'Itri [Sat, Nov 12 2005, 12:42:07PM]:
> Package: sl-modem-source
> Version: 2.9.9d-7
> Severity: serious
> See policy 10.6: packages must use MAKEDEV instead of calling mknod.

I suggest changing the policy to reflect the reality. Using a wrapper
like MAKEDEV to maintain device nodes which use arbitrary choosen
major/minor numbers is just not very useful.

In this case, there is even more code to fix the major/minor numbers
because of a transition, you cannot seriosly tell me to "do that with
MAKEDEV". I remember having waited _months_ for addition of DVB devices
into makedev.


PS, commenting the other complaint:

> (Please remember that there is no need to check for udev or devfs in the
> script, because MAKEDEV does it internally.)

Fine. However, I have not seen any d-d-a announcement or private mail
describing the change in that behaviour.

Further, I expect from you as a carefull maintainer to write at least a
simple HOWTO for your fellows about how (exactly) to deal with
changes/transition to udev. You simply throw people into cold water.
Feel free to tell me that I am wrong, this is just a subjective

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