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Re: RFC: allow usage of mknod in postinst

On Nov 13, Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> wrote:

> I suggest changing the policy to reflect the reality. Using a wrapper
> like MAKEDEV to maintain device nodes which use arbitrary choosen
> major/minor numbers is just not very useful.
Sure, just close the bug if appropriate.

> > (Please remember that there is no need to check for udev or devfs in the
> > script, because MAKEDEV does it internally.)
> Fine. However, I have not seen any d-d-a announcement or private mail
> describing the change in that behaviour.
It's not a change, I believe that it has always worked this way since
devfs support was added.

> Further, I expect from you as a carefull maintainer to write at least a
> simple HOWTO for your fellows about how (exactly) to deal with
> changes/transition to udev. You simply throw people into cold water.
I tried educating other developers with multiple posts to my blog and to
debian-devel, but I am always available if there are any doubts or help
is needed.


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