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Re: Resignation and uploads

Op do, 10-11-2005 te 16:22 -0800, schreef Chip Salzenberg:
> Bill Allombert <ballombe@master.debian.org> writes:
> > There are around 1000 developers out there. At the very least I am
> > sure you would find several of them willing to sponsor your upload.
> That's not a fix, it's a bad workaround.  

Yes, but one that works.

> Since I sent my resignation mail, I have been told that the keyring
> was updated twice after my initial request for key change.  Why was my
> key not added? 

Good question. Here's a thought:

You're not the only person requesting key updates, and there's a queue.
Probably because there've been issues of higher importance (such as
upgrading project machines from Woody to Sarge, or making sure the SPARC
and ARM buildd hosts get their logs signed, etc). Since your initial
update, James found time to work his way partway through that queue, but
hasn't reached the end (or, for that matter, your position in the queue)

Oh, and here's something else to ponder: Maybe, just maybe, James has
more time to go to Ubuntu below zero than he has to handle keyring
updates because he prioritizes by what gets the bills paid. As most of
us do, I suppose.

Stop whining, please.

The amount of time between slipping on the peel and landing on the
pavement is precisely one bananosecond

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