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Re: Resignation and uploads

> Oh, and here's something else to ponder: Maybe, just maybe, James has
> more time to go to Ubuntu below zero than he has to handle keyring
> updates because he prioritizes by what gets the bills paid. As most of
> us do, I suppose.

Yep, this is something I was about to add.

Most of us have moments in our Debian lives where our paid work, or
other duties in real life, keep our attention derived from our Debian

This seems quite similar for James, except that his paid work happens
to be working on Ubuntu (at least this is what I'm assuming). So, I
actually don't see a difference: James couldn't handle this part of
his Debian duty because his paid work grabbed all his attention for a

>From what I know of him, he will take care of these Debian tasks as
soon as he'll be able to do so....just like any of us would after
coming back from a conference we were at as part of our paid work.

This is why I consider a resignation as a bit of overrreaction here.

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