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Re: Request: Source for parts of GNU/Solaris

> On Tue, 8 Nov 2005, Erast Benson wrote:
>> OK, for your convenient, http://www.gnusolaris.org/sources shold has
>> everything latest/not-committed tarballs of source code with our
>> modifications for every package we are using.
>> We are preparing cron job, so, will update them every night until we
>> fix some internal problems. Eventually all these tarballs should migrate
>> under http://www.gnusolaris.org/apt repository.
>> Please notice, that some tarballs are in the middle of development, so
>> it is really really latest stuff.
>> I hope we didn't miss anything, let us know if you find some.
> The source and binaries *must* match, period.  You can't have tarballs
> being
> constantly upgraded, and the binaries not, or vice versa.  The
> source+binary
> must be done as a whole unit.
> Also, with this email, I am making a formal request: I am the original
> author
> of DBS, the most widely used patch system available in debian.  This
> system
> tends to want to be embedded inside each and every package that makes use
> of
> it(altho, this is not always the case nowadays, with dbs.deb and cdbs).  I
> therefor make an official request that you remove all distributition of
> all
> such dbs-derived packages until such time as this mismatch is fixed.

all latest source code corresponds to latest binaries. so, there is no


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