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Re: Transition time: KDE, JACK, arts, sablotron, unixodbc, net-snmp, php, ...

On Mon, Oct 31, 2005 at 02:30:56PM +0100, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Steve Langasek a écrit :
> >source packages that need to be updated!  As a result, the release
> >team asks that the maintainers refrain from uploads of these packages for
> >any reason without coordination with the release team, until this
> >transition completes; uncoordinated uploads will most likely lead to your
> >package being removed from testing to let the transition complete.  

> On the other hand testing is a way for out users to have a 
> not-so-unstable, and not-so-outdated system. It is also a way to have 
> our distribution well tested. However, from what I heared, a lot of 
> users currently consider testing has broken, due to a lot of missing 
> packages. gimp-print for example has been removed from testing during 
> one month or so, rending the printing from gimp impossible.

That's not true.  There has been a gimp-print package present in testing
at all points since the sarge release; but for a period of time the version
did not match the version of gimp, and was not usable -- which was a bug in
gimp, as its dependencies should have prevented installation of gimp and
gimp-print in a broken combination.  It has always been a weakness of
testing that RC bugs that don't get reported against packages before they
reach testing take longer to resolve for testing users, and short of getting
rid of testing completely, the only way to address this is by doing a better
job of identifying RC bugs before packages reach testing.

> So I would like to propose to drop testing during a limited period of 
> time (let's say 4 months) after the release, to have the time to make 
> all the necessary big transitions. If the period of time is limited, the 
> stable distribution will not be too out-dated, so that it won't be a 
> problem for our users. Moreover, that will make them stopping 
> complaining about Debian, I would like to stop hearing "unstable is more 
> stable than testing, Debian is getting bad".

> I know that it is to late for etch, but that could apply for etch + 1. 
> What do you think?

I think the approach mentioned in my previous message is preferable.

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