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Re: real-i386

Florian Weimer wrote:

> * Bastian Venthur:
>>> We know what steps it takes ot resupport i386. What kind of work would
>>> be needed to rename i386 to x86 or ia32?
>> I think we should at least consider to rename,
> Oh, come on, it's just a name which is mostly used by Debian's
> infrastructure, and not by end users.  Changing it will only break
> things for no real gain.

No problem -- But I guess in ten years from now sombody like me will ask a
similar question in a similar thread and somebody like you will come up
with a quite similar answer ;)

What I'd really like to know rightnow is whether i386 *is* the wrong therm
for the x86 (or IA32) arch or not. If not then Debian could stick to this
name, but if so I think Debian just delays the problem for a few years.

Kind regards


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