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Re: d-i: partitioned md devices? allowed but not supported?

In article <[🔎] 20051104011741.GA32009@khazad-dum.debian.net> you wrote:
> I suggest you go with lvm2 (or other device-manager based system) on top of
> a simple md array.  It is much safer in the long run, even if it means
> initrds (yuck).

I did this. But actually I have 2 partitions, one containing md0 with ext3
root and the other containing md1 with a physical volume.

>> BTW: does anybody know how to auto-start more than one (the first?) raid
>> error by the kernel?
> "error"?

skip the "error" word :)

> I always auto-start at least three md devices, it works just like one

Well, with auto start i mean the fact that the kernel finds the devices and
starts them. I suspect it is doing that because there is a bootflag on the
partition. I am not sure if the kernel can du that for all devices it auto
detected (i havd md0 on sda1/sdb1 and md1 on sda2/sdb2, only the first is
available before init).


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