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Re: altzone

Le jeudi 03 novembre 2005 à 13:58 -0800, Peter Goldstein a écrit :
> sceplist.o: In function `asn1_time_to_time':
> /home/lars/src/openscep-0.3.6/scepd/sceplist.c:127: undefined
> reference to `altzone'

This is a link time error, not a compile time error.

> Now I gather that ``altzone'' should be declared
> in /usr/include/time.h from what I can gather from Google. Furthermore
> ctime(3) states that altzone should be present if the system is to be
> Posix compliant. (Correct me if I am wrong.).

In which system did you get that statement?

> There is no mention of ``altzone'' in either /usr/lib or /usr/include
> as far as I can make out. But the "twin variable" ``timezone'' is
> however declared (in /usr/include/time.h)

Yes, this one is indeed available in glibc.

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> /* convert ASN1 time string to a struct tm */
> static time_t   asn1_time_to_time(ASN1_TIME *tm) {
>         struct tm       rtm;
>         char            work[3];
>         time_t          rt;
>         extern time_t   timezone, altzone;

The "extern" keyword means the variable is referenced from an external
source, and will become available at link time.

> The documentation mentions that some compilers might need to be
> executed as :
> ``CC=c89 CFLAGS=-O2 LIBS=-lposix ./configure''
> But there is no posix library as far as I can make out in Debian, so
> that won't do.

Yes, and I can't find the altzone symbol in any of the libraries I have
installed. Does POSIX really require it?

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