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Re: [Fwd: Re: Debian based GNU/Solaris: pilot program]

Le jeudi 03 novembre 2005 à 12:57 -0800, Erast Benson a écrit :
> I'm not talking about DFSG to embrace CDDL entirely. CDDL is good enough
> for what it was invented - "system runtime". To make CDDL-based ports
> possible with more/less pain and to avoid duplication of work, it should
> be enough to make only dpkg software dual-licensed as CDDL/GPL.

So you are asking the dpkg copyright holders to change *their* licensing
to suit *your* needs? This is getting funnier and funnier.

Now here's the problem. Face it: there's no way you can convince all
dpkg copyright holders (and that's probably a lot of people) to
dual-license their code under a license that isn't even DFSG-free. What
are you proposing now to legally build a Debian OpenSolaris port?
(Yes, I'm asking just to know what weird idea will arise now.)
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