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Re: Debian based GNU/Solaris: pilot program

Erast Benson wrote:
Or may be make it CDDL dual licensed.

Or you could just persuade the copyright holders to make all of OpenSolaris code that you use dual licensed with the GPL, and many of your problems are gone.

I hope I don't sound too harsh on you, but I'd find it naive to expect the rest of the world to drop the GPL (or to go through the cumbersome work of relicensing everything) just because Sun released some software under yet another GPL-incompatible license and you are trying to release a product with it.

Let me enlighten you in regards of CDDL benefits.

In my opinion, the major benefit of the CDDL for Sun Microsystems is largely that they can have a license that they alone can authoratively interpret in case of doubt, and steer in direction they desire, rather than having to deal with other people with potentially conflicting goals (those weird people wanting software freedom for all, for example). ;)

Meanwhile I do not see any other issues why we should keep web site
closed, so, we will clean it up and open it up soon. But ISO images will
not be publicly available till all legal problems resolved one way or

With a name like gnusolaris.org, Solaris being a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, it seems like you are asking for legal problems, either way.

I'm a bit curious, what's your business plan like?

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