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Re: Help: Bug#336469: pure-ftpd uninstallable : no pure-ftpd-common

Scripsit Stefan Hornburg <racke@linuxia.de>

> Is the following line in debian/control too strict ?

> Depends: pure-ftpd-common (=${Source-Version}), ${shlibs:Depends}

It evidently creates problems for binary NMUs (where only the
arch-dependent packages are uploaded with an NMU revision in the
Source-Version). A workaround would be to add something like

	dpkg-parsechangelog | perl -ne '\
	  s/^Version: /Indep-Version=/ or next;\
	  s/(-\d+\.\d+)\.d+$$/$$1/ && s/\.0$$//;\
	  print' >> debian/substvars

in debian/rules before the dh_gencontrol, and the use

  Depends: pure-ftpd-common (=${Indep-Version}), ${shlibs:Depends}

instead. (Probably with some extra plumbing due to make the defn reach
the package-specific substvars files).

Such a construction ought to be used everytime one uses
=${Source-Version} to refer to an arch-independent package.
There really ought to be some stock magic in {dpkg-,dh_}gencontrol
for this, but currently there isn't.

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                         one hopeful who, from Reading Day on, was the great
                       hope because of the way he handled his trisyllabics."

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