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Save Chechnya Campaign

Title: How to help us

How to help us

Although our organization is based on a non-profit principle, we need money to implement and maintain our projects. We dependent on donations by those who share our concerns and want to help us with our work.

Please support us with your donations. We will appreciate any amount you give - 'many drops build a river', so never think that your donation is too small to take action.


Our Bank accounts open for you:


US dollars - ING Bank NV Netherlands:

Dutch Guilders - ING Bank NV Netherlands:

Account: Save Chechnya Campaign

Account No: 61391607

Sort Code: 40-07-01


40 Temple Fortune Parade


United Kingdom

NW11 0QU

Save Chechnya Campaign

27 Old Gloucester Street


United Kingdom


All information on donations, sponsorship, etc. will be treated in strictest confidence!


If you do not want to publicize any information about yourself, you can make an anonymous transfer to our bank account from any bank office. To do this just transfer an amount in cash with the remark "donation".


There are various possibilities to work with us which are outlined



Who we are

Kavkaz-Center (www.kavkazcenter.com) - is Chechen independent international Islamic Internet agency.

Our agency was founded in March of 1999 in the city of Jokhar (Grozny). The founder is the

National Center for Strategic Research and Political Technologies, which was in turn registered,

with the Ministry of Justice of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in October of 1998 (N 1377/A-17).

The Kavkaz-Center Internet Agency is oriented to cover events in the Islamic world,

Caucasus and Russia. One of the main tasks of Kavkaz-Center is to cover the events in the

Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (the C.R.I. for short) concerning the Russian military invasion

against the C.R.I.




There are no rules as to the regularity of donations. They can be made once or several times for any amount that you have in mind.

For practical reasons we suggest not to donatate below $10 USD.

If you make a donation and want to notify it (anonymous when you want) to us: use this form




Our website is an important channel to spread information world wide reflecting the publications of the international press, background, historical and cultural information and documentation about all our projects.

The ultimate goal of the project is to establish an independent news agency on Chechnya which will be able to provide valuable information from the area on a regular basis, and which will be self-financed, i.e. the agency will derive income by selling news to other news agencies.

As the first step in order to achieve the above goal we would like to create an innovative website with a number of features having a regularly updated own content and a compilation of news items coming from elsewhere. The focus will be placed on own content that will be made available on the website in the following ways:


Reports from Chechnya - resulting from daily communications, including satellite telephone (through the existing satellite network, and through newly established channels) with various parts of Chechnya, and, in particular, with 'hot' areas where possible.

Video footage from Chechnya by professional team of journalists uploaded on Video/Audio page of the website (once a week or more, if necessary), including interviews, reports and analysis. Discussion forum, including live video conferencing through the website by means of the satellite link with Chechnya (once a week or more, if necessary). Along with actual members of the forum (prominent people from various parts of the world who are not indifferent to the cause) which will be limited to four at a time, audience will be encouraged to ask questions on the subject, to share their opinions, etc.



2005. "Kavkaz-Center" News Agency


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