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Can we just finish the C++ transition for crying out loud?

So I've been hoping that the C++ transition for KDE, together with the
KDE transition to 3.4, and the JACK transition, and the C++ transition for
unixodbc, and flac, and various other things, would get into 'testing' soon.
php4 and php5 are waiting for this too.

Meanwhile, a transitory upload of libpng has meant that that has to go in
before the lot; the removal of libpng10-0 has meant that wxwindows2.4 and
GNOME 1 have to go in before that.

Multiple uploads of perl have stalled things behind them.
The new openssl muddled matters as well.

And now, a new gcc-4.0 bumped the shlibdeps for libstdc++ -- and worse,
depends on new binutils and new glibc.  This will undoubtedly mean that either 
forced package breakages, significant numbers of package removals, or months
more of waiting will be needed.

Kudos to the people who are holding back on new depdendency-bumping uploads
until this enormous clog makes it into testing.  Can the rest of you
please make a serious effort?

If your package is caught up in the clog -- don't make a new upload.  That's
the best way to ensure that things will go more slowly.  :-P

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

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