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Re: old question with new status? Sun-Java in Debian non-free?

On Thu, Oct 27, 2005 at 10:34:52AM -0500, Jason Clinton wrote:
> According to various press releases [1], it seems that Sun is relaxing 
> their redistribution license for Java. I know very little about the 
> historical releases that the JRE has been kept out of Debian but wasn't 
> it because the license was too restrictive?

Given that the article does not mention relaxing their redistribution
license for Java, while I can understand your enthusiasm, unfortunately 
I think you misinterpreted the article.
Remember, JDS != JDK and JDS != JRE. 

JDS is a gnome-based desktop that sun sells for solaris and their
own linux distro. It includes a bunch of proprietary apps, afaik. 

The article says Sun will make that gnome-based desktop available for
other linux distributions than their own.

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