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Re: hal/dbus transition - packages in experimental

>1.) Wait until hal/dbus and all the dependant packages have made the
biebl@teco.edu wrote:
>For the first option this would mean to wait for Gnome 2.10 to enter
>testing and then Gnome 2.12, which already is in experimental and builds
>against current dbus/hal, to enter unstable.
The current priorities are:
(1) GNOME 1 into testing
(2) KDE into testing (along with JACK, unixodbc, the dbus in unstable, and 
lots and lots of other stuff)

>For most of the packages,
>that depend on dbus/hal, it is almost as easy as adapting the control
>file and just recompile. 
The questions are, what are the dependency effects?
-- Will existing binary packages built against the dbus or hal in unstable all 
need rebuilds (bad, want to schedule transition carefully), or will they keep 
working (good, can probably put new hal/dbus in unstable as soon as the KDE 
transition clears)?
-- If all packages need rebuilds to work with the new version, Is it possible 
for old and new versions to coexist (via different sonames and versioned 
symbols, etc.)?  That's usually better (would allow transition to start 
sooner).  But it might be impossible for something like dbus.

Things like this determine how soon it will be safe to update hal and dbus in 
unstable.  They are often changeable by careful maintainer work.  :-)

In any case not until after KDE, but I'm still hopeful that will happen this 
week.  :-/

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

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