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hal/dbus transition - packages in experimental

Hi all,

while packaging (k)powersave for Debian, which need relatively
up-to-date hal (>= 0.5.4) and dbus (>= 0.33) packages, I encountered the
problem that hal/dbus in Sid are currently pretty outdated whereas the
hal/dbus packages in experimental would be sufficient.
This left me two options:
1.) Wait until hal/dbus and all the dependant packages have made the
or 2.) Build packages for experimental.

For the first option this would mean to wait for Gnome 2.10 to enter
testing and then Gnome 2.12, which already is in experimental and builds
against current dbus/hal, to enter unstable. For most of the packages,
that depend on dbus/hal, it is almost as easy as adapting the control
file and just recompile. As Ubuntu already has made the transition there
exist patches for packages which fail to build against the current
Remains kdebase, which has packages in experimental, but these packages
don't use hal/dbus from experimental but from unstable (the package in
question is kdebase-kio-plugins).

So my question is what is the proposed schedule for the hal/dbus
transition? Maybe the Gnome/KDE maintainers and the RMs can comment on this.
With all the currently ongoing transitions I fear that I will take some

With that in mind I intended to build (k)powersave for experimental. As
kpowersave is a KDE application it would need an updated kdebase package
in experimental which uses current hal/dbus. Otherwise a installation of
kpowersave would remove half of your KDE desktop which is certainly not
what you want if you install a KDE application and would render
kpowersave itself unusable.
This led me to my other question: Is it okay to upload a package to
experimental which has dependencies to packages in unstable although
there are corresponding packages in experimental. E.g. the
aforementioned kdebase package in experimental doesn't use hal/dbus from
experimental. It even fails to compile if you try to build it with
pbuilder in an experimental chroot due to broken dependencies.

I hope somenone can comment on this.


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