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Re: pbuilder help (bug 334877)

Darren Salt <linux@youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk> writes:

> A uuencoded tarball of the generated files would appear to be useful here.
> (You'll probably want tar's -m option when unpacking.)

Well, I'm now closer in.  The first invocation of lilypond from within
the build fails.  But it fails silently.  The failing build prints (at
the key place):

  cd ./out && /tmp/buildd/lilypond-2.6.3/lily/out/lilypond --verbose /tmp/buildd/lilypond-2.6.3/ly/generate-documentation
  Effective prefix: "/tmp/buildd/lilypond-2.6.3/share/lilypond/2.6.3"
  Initializing FontConfig...
  adding font directory: /tmp/buildd/lilypond-2.6.3/share/lilypond/2.6.3/fonts/otf/
  adding font directory: /tmp/buildd/lilypond-2.6.3/share/lilypond/2.6.3/fonts/type1/
  adding font directory: /tmp/buildd/lilypond-2.6.3/share/lilypond/2.6.3/fonts/svg/rm -f ./out/lilypond-internals.nexi
  ln ./out/lilypond-internals.texi ./out/lilypond-internals.nexi
  ln: accessing `./out/lilypond-internals.texi': No such file or directory
  make[3]: [out/lilypond-internals.texi] Error 1 (ignored)

Now the lines from "rm -f ./out/lilypond-internals-nexi" are from the
invoking makefile, as is the first line ("cd ./out"...)

The "LILYPOND_"... output, the "Effective prefix" schtick, and the
FontConfig output are all from lilypond (which was invoked with
--verbose to show this).  Notice that there is no newline between
lilypond's last output (the third "adding font directory" bit) and the
next output from the invoking makefile.

In a correct invocation, there would be threelines to follow: a line
  Processing `/tmp/buildd/lilypond-2.6.3/ly/generate-documentation.ly'
and a line starting "Parsing..." which is the output of the Scheme
program that needs to run here, and then:
  Writing "lilypond-internals.texi"...]]

Ok, so lilypond is failing.  But dammitall, I can't get it to fail
ever else.  If I run this command myself after the failure, it works
fine.  Likewise if I invoke make, or if I clean the directory and go
up and do "debian/rules build".  

Clearly something about the buildd dynamic environment is *different*
from what I get if I just enter and do it myself, and that difference
causes the generated lilypond to fail.

Any suggestions for how I can poke at this further?


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