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Re: pbuilder help (bug 334877)

Isaac Clerencia <isaac@warp.es> writes:

> On Friday, 21 October 2005 07:26, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
>> I'm trying to solve bug 304932/334877.
>> I can reproduce the build failure using pbuilder, but not when I build
>> on my own system directly.
>> I would like to do the pbuilder build and then examine the failing
>> filesystem, but pbuilder always deletes the build directory, and the
>> manual gives no clear indication of how to prevent this.  --debug says
>> that it only avoids cleanup in update and create.
> Use pbuilder hooks for that, they allow great flexibility, for example, 
> examining the filesystem after failing or using ccache to speed up build 
> time.

Well, this build takes a long time (at least 45 minutes from start to
failure).  I'm getting tired of trying over and over again; it took me
about four hours of compiling to prove certainly that Blars suggestion
wouldn't work.

Can you give me a hook script that will give an interactive shell?  I
tried the obvious:


which did not succeed; it ran the script, but apparently pbuilder
doesn't pass stdin/stdout down to the scripts.

Surely it's not too hard to have a "don't clean" option; after all, it
exists for the login and exec modes.  Regardless, I'm back to "there
is no way to debug this problem".


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