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Re: adept for Debian?

"Miles Bader" <miles.bader@necel.com> wrote in message [🔎] buooe5loq3q.fsf@dhapc248.dev.necel.com">news:[🔎] buooe5loq3q.fsf@dhapc248.dev.necel.com...
Enrico Zini <enrico@enricozini.org> writes:
adept is a package manager for KDE developed by Peter Rockai on top of
the libapt-front library[1].  It supports debtags natively, it's the
first application based on libapt-front, and since I'm involved in both
debtags and libapt-front, I really want it in as well :)

So do any of these things support aptitude's "auto" mechanism (which
allows dependencies to be automatically deleted when nothing requires

That is the main reason why i use aptitude, and insist that all programs use aptitude. If even one program tries to install without going through aptitude i loose that information.

I personally feel that auto should be pudhed up to apt (the library). Thus all front ends would generate the data, although they can ignore the data, if so desired, and not do the automatic removal. Later when aptitude is run it will clean up.

The other two reasons that i use aptitude is the better dependency handleling (including reccomends) and the interface.

The better depenedency handling should be moved up to apt (the library). The logic for handling reccomends should be optional, allowing a front-end (such as the minimalisic apt-get) to ignore reccomends. The result of moving these things up means that the various fron ends will avoid stepping on each others toes.

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