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Re: Non-x86 architectures becomes more popular in Debian...

[Gustavo Franco]
> Have you a TODO list to share with us and are you thinking in ways
> to expand the popcon visibility in the short term ?

We are two persons maintaining the package (it is on alioth,
<URL:https://alioth.debian.org/projects/popcon/>), and you should
probably use our mailing list to discuss popcon plans.  I do not have
any short term plans for making it more widely known, except for my
random reports of statistics on the mailing lists.  For the long term,
the debian-installer in etch ask during installation if the machine in
question should report to popcon, so I hope that will increase the
visibility significantly.  Unfortunately, this feature was added after
sarge was released, so it is not in sarge.

> but is there anyone in the project with academic background about
> this subject ?

None of the current popcon maintainers have statistical background, as
far as I know.

We were in touch with someone interested in using the data set to make
a recommender system for debian packages this summer, but nothing came
out of this yet.  I believe it would be a nice feature to have,
allowing admins to get reports about packages they might find
interesting based on their current set of installed packages.

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