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Re: Non-x86 architectures becomes more popular in Debian...

On 10/17/05, Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> wrote:
> I'm pleased to observe that the non-x86 architectures reporting to
> debian popularity-contest have seen a steep increase the last few
> days.  The steepest climber is armeb, followed by alpha and hppa.  It
> is great to see that the total count of submitters are up to 7850.
> Visit <URL:http://popcon.debian.org/> to find all the numbers.
> (...)

Hi Petter,

I think that popcon is a bit underrated in the project. It's cited
here and there all the time in the conferences, MLs and IRC but i
don't know many users that have heard or are using the results of it.
FYI, i'm a brazilian DD.

Have you a TODO list to share with us and are you thinking in ways to
expand the popcon visibility in the short term ? Since we're using
statistical data it's clear that we don't need to know the results of
all the Debian users to prepare detailed reports about package
usability (in percent), but is there anyone in the project with
academic background about this subject ? I'm just curious, because i'm
working in a similar project that's is not related (directly) with

Gustavo Franco - <stratus@debian.org>

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