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Non-x86 architectures becomes more popular in Debian...

I'm pleased to observe that the non-x86 architectures reporting to
debian popularity-contest have seen a steep increase the last few
days.  The steepest climber is armeb, followed by alpha and hppa.  It
is great to see that the total count of submitters are up to 7850.
Visit <URL:http://popcon.debian.org/> to find all the numbers.

But the architecture distribution is not the most interesting part of
the popcon results.  The packages used around the globe is the more
relevant for our day to day work, and the popcon "score" is used to
order the packages on the CDs, to make sure the popular packages end
up on the first CDs.

Please help us get a better picture of the packages being used by
installing the popularity-contest package, and answer yes to

And for those of you interested in the architecture distribution, here
are the numbers and percentages:

  #machines     Architecture
      1   0.01% ppc64
      2   0.03% kfreebsd-i386
      3   0.04% hurd-i386
      3   0.04% m68k
      4   0.05% s390
      8   0.11% arm
     10   0.14% mips
     10   0.14% mipsel
     16   0.22% armeb
     28   0.38% ia64
     46   0.62% hppa
     53   0.72% alpha
     88   1.19% sparc
    129   1.75% powerpc
    361   4.90% amd64
   6611  89.66% i386
   7373 100.00% total (ignored 477 without arch info)

The package in woody do not report architecture info, so the 477
machines are probably running woody or older)

(And if you want to announce the existence of popularity-contest to
Debian users or other lists, please do so.  I prefer to limit my posts
to the lists I am on. :)

Petter Reinholdtsen
One of the popularity-contest maintainers

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