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Re: Closing bugs as submitter?

"Jan C. Nordholz" <jckn@gmx.net> writes:

> I'd like to ask you if it is desired (and possible at all)
> that submitters close their own bugs if they have been fixed
> without the package maintainer's noticing. The informational
> pages on b.d.o don't state whether control@b.d.o is obeying
> commands from everyone, and whether or not such behaviour
> (meddling with bugs as non-maintainer) would be deemed
> appropriate.

I think it's desirable, just do it correctly.

> In my special case, the bug I've reported two weeks ago
> has apparently been fixed upstream, and the latest upload
> of the package to experimental has brought the fix into
> the archive. Now I'd like to save the maintainer some work
> and tag the bug fixed-in-experimental myself (together with
> a short explanatory message to the bug log), but am unsure
> whether I'm allowed to.

Sure, go right ahead, just do it rightly.

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