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Closing bugs as submitter?

Dear list,

I'd like to ask you if it is desired (and possible at all)
that submitters close their own bugs if they have been fixed
without the package maintainer's noticing. The informational
pages on b.d.o don't state whether control@b.d.o is obeying
commands from everyone, and whether or not such behaviour
(meddling with bugs as non-maintainer) would be deemed

In my special case, the bug I've reported two weeks ago
has apparently been fixed upstream, and the latest upload
of the package to experimental has brought the fix into
the archive. Now I'd like to save the maintainer some work
and tag the bug fixed-in-experimental myself (together with
a short explanatory message to the bug log), but am unsure
whether I'm allowed to.



Jan C. Nordholz
<jckn At gmx net>

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