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Re: Please Help me to install and configure Debian Correctly

Am Donnerstag 13 Oktober 2005 15:50 schrieb kanchana thisaru:
> 1 I need to install debian for my Sserver but i can not get a DHCP ID:
>    i get an Error message saying my DHCP configuration has faild.
>   Even if skip DCHP Configurations at the instalation time how i am going
> to get the DHCP IP  later and connect to the network.
> 2 My sever has two 2.8 Processors and two 1GB Rams,BIOS detects my hard
> ware correctly.BUt when i get in to my OS(Debian) it detect only 1
> Processsor and only 1 Ram
you need an smp kernel and also highmem in the kernel.

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