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Re: Please Help me to install and configure Debian Correctly


Most likely you get more answers on debian-users, this list is about
coordinating the development effords of Debian.

In article <[🔎] 20051013135032.90801.qmail@web53706.mail.yahoo.com> you wrote:
> 1 I need to install debian for my Sserver but i can not get a DHCP ID:
>   i get an Error message saying my DHCP configuration has faild.

You need to copy us the exact message and where it happened, so we can help
you. I guess it happens while the DHCP Client tried to get a DHCP Lease. In
this case your problem may be missing cable, broken wiring, wrong switch or
missconfigured DHCP Server. It can also mean your network card was not
correctly discovered (especially your IRQ).

To manually configure DHCP look at this:

You should place a copy of all boot messages of your system on a web server
so we can have a look at it. This will also help to debug your second

> 2 My sever has two 2.8 Processors and two 1GB Rams,BIOS detects my hard ware correctly.BUt when i get in to my OS(Debian) it detect only 1 Processsor and only 1 Ram

I am nut sure what could be the reason for not finding the correct ammount
of RAM. There habe been some problems in the kernel, but that should be
solved. If it finds only one processor, this might be due to the fact that
you use a single-cpu (and not a SMP) kernel. The above mentioned output
would help us here, too.

Please also tell us, how you have checked the number of CPUs and RAM
dicovered by Debian.


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