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Re: SONAME in C++ libraries

Shachar Shemesh wrote:
> What I thought was to use "0" as SO version, which is a standard way to
> state that the interface is not guarenteed to remain stable. I'll also

I did not know about this. Do you have a pointer to the appropriate
section in the Debian policy or some other document?

> add a comment to readme.Debian to the effect that, when linking against
> the library, you should include the precise version number in the
> dependencies.

But if you use the Debian package version number, would'nt this mean that you
can never have two packages installed simultanously which link against
different  versions of the library? IMHO this is one of the benefits of using
proper SONAMEs (the soname is part of the package name, so application appfoo
can link against libfoo1, while application appbar can link against the new
version libfoo2, because libfoo1 and libfoo2 can be installed at the same
time. If you use something like libfoo-1 and libfoo-2 instead, the package
libfoo can only be installed once, and you can never have both application
packages installed at the same time.

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