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Re: SONAME in C++ libraries

Andreas Fester wrote:

>If upstream is unwilling to change the SONAME each time the binary
>compatibility breaks, then IMHO the only choice is that you do it
>yourself for the Debian package. Otherwise trouble begins when other
>packages within the Debian archive start linking against your library.
>See also http://www.trolltech.com/developer/faqs/index.html?catid=&id=362
>for what breaks binary compatibility of C++ libraries.
>Best Regards,
>	Andreas
That doesn't make sense. If I start inventing my own SO versions, I'll
be in trouble should upstream change their mind some time in the future.

What I thought was to use "0" as SO version, which is a standard way to
state that the interface is not guarenteed to remain stable. I'll also
add a comment to readme.Debian to the effect that, when linking against
the library, you should include the precise version number in the


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