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Re: udev

On Oct 09, Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> wrote:

> It seems that the best solution would be to have mountvirtfs split into two 
> parts, one mounts /proc and /sys, the other mounts /dev/pts, /dev/shm (and 
> anything else that might get added under /dev).  This means that 
> under /etc/rcS.d we might have S02mountprocsys and S04mountptsshm so that 
> S03udev can be run between them.
Agreed. This would also allow me to clean up a bit the udev init script.

> Also the udev script is rather complex.  It seems to me that a better option 
> might be to have the /etc/init.d/udev script call a udev setup script (maybe 
> named /sbin/setup_udev) and then start the udevd.
I tought about this, but I think it's still premature because the udev
init script may still be changed a lot in the close future and I am not
sure that udevd and /dev management can be cleanly separated anyway.
Would it be acceptable for you to discuss this again when we will be
closer to the release?

> One of the reasons for not wanting complex init.d scripts is that for SE Linux 
> we don't want to give ultimate access to such scripts.  The udev script does 
> many things such as creating directories and device nodes under /dev which we 
> normally want to restrict as much as possible.
Can you explain better which threat model you are considering?


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